Terese Svoboda
Theatrix Cover

"Borrowing from Greek tragedy, Shakespeare, and absurdist theater in equal measure, Theatrix: Poetry Plays is a tour de force collection that explodes our notion of the fourth wall."
- Virginia Konchan author of Any God Will Do

"These thrilling poems are often ominous, but lit from within by a fierce and compassionate intelligence."
– John Beer, author of The Waste Land and Other Poems

"Theatrix is for swift thinkers who crave raw word acts over mannered narratives."
- Rodrigo Toscano, author of In Range

"Check out the lapidary, the aviary, the hatchery, the haberdashery, and the caravansary of her jingling lingo; and zow, look what her poetry plays do when the words are banged together thus, cymbalically."
- Alan Michael Parker, author of The Age of Discovery

Treason Cover

Reissued by Doubleback Books
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"Cool, wry surface: depth charge of cry, of outrage, language at the edge of utterance, utterly original, black-bordered, indelible as we are not."
— Eleanor Wilner

"...ironical, tough-minded, refusing the "treason" of our sad human trafficking in love."
— Carol Muske-Dukes L.A. Times

"Svoboda exhibits a remarkable range and command of her subject matter. ... This poet creates moments that are stronger than everyday experience."
— Publishers Weekly