Svoboda Family - Nuer Heritage Scholarship

In honor of the great literary achievements of the Nuer people, Terese Svoboda, a renowned author of poetry and prose, is offering the Svoboda Family Scholarship of $1250 to students of Nuer heritage. Svoboda is a native Nebraskan who has published thirteen books including her translation of Nuer Song, Cleaned The Crocodile's Teeth, which was selected "Writer's Choice" in the New York Times Book Review. The scholarship may be awarded to one or more qualifying students. It is a one-year award.

- Student must be a graduate of Grand Island Senior High School
- Student must be of Nuer Heritage

To Apply
- Submit a 20 line poem in Nuer or English.
- The subject is how Nebraska and the South Sudan are alike and different.
- Pay attention to all the senses: touch, sight, sound, smell, and hearing.
- Email poem with student contact details to

Selection Procedure
- Terese Svoboda will review applications and poems and select the scholarship winner/s.

Terms of Payment
- The student must provide proof of enrollment. One payment award.

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