Terese Svoboda
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“There are many mythic reimaginings out there, but I can guarantee you that Roxy and Coco is unlike anything you've read. Terese Svoboda's harpies are winged avengers, a celestial task force who save kids who have been abused by their terrestrial protectors.”

—Karen Russell

“Existing at the sweet spot between Rachel Ingalls' Mrs. Caliban, Donald Barthelme's Snow White, and James Purdy's I Am Elijah Thrush, Roxy and Coco plucks a creature out of myth to bring it into our present~~and does so in a way that keeps a steady eye on the flaws of our own weird moment. Rarely has fantastic fiction managed to say so much so deftly about the real while still offering a terrific, strange and highly original read.”

—Brian Evenson

Roxy and Coco are harpies, mythical bird women, who try to save the world by preventing child abuse – except they tend to murder difficult parents. Luring Roxy with his scent, Tim, her supervisor, is on the payroll of a fake conservationist intent on her "collection." Coco swoops in to protect her, with Interpol hot on her tail for a series of curious homicides. Action figure-worthy, Roxy and Coco climaxes at a gala of egg fanciers who scramble to escape the harpies' talons.