Terese Svoboda
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“Historical, political, mythic and devotional, timely and urgent, these poems seethe with dangers so close to home they seem to teeter on that frightening edge between comic and tragic.”

D.A. Powell

“Humor walks hand in hand with an unswerving attention to the dark things of this world.”

—B. Morrison

“Terese Svoboda is one of few contemporary American writers who possess a global consciousness.”

Brooklyn Rail

“A fierce and formidable book.”

—Rigoberto Gonzalez

“Terese Svoboda's poetry is at once so remarkably precise and utterly strange I find my mind marrying her vision with vertigo and delight.”

—Cate Marvin

“She’s trying to pay the price for the world, off-kilter, setting it straight in a highly individual verse.”

—Washington Independent Review of Books

“Her sense of humanity defies political borders.”

The Common

“Svoboda's book systematically forces us to confront cultural culpability, reduces us to grief and strips us of identity, then resuscitates us and sets us going again in a strange, new language.”

—Birmingham Review