Terese Svoboda

“Svoboda's poems are as haunting as they are funny, as pleasurable as they are powerful.”

Publishers Weekly

“This collection should be considered by anyone interested in serious contemporary poetry.”

Library Journal

“Svoboda creates a world where women are warriors.”

Feminist Review

“Grand design and doom join hands.”

Fogged Clarity

“Best Poetry Books of 2009”

No Tells

“...tough-minded collection of poems.”

Critical Mass

“She offers all that words can give and then surrenders to the terrifying realization that there are occasions that leave even a poet wordless.”


“Terese Svoboda has such range—of subject, of emotion (from whimsical play to chillingly dead serious), that these poems take you on a wild ride, fast and dangerous, but always in control. This is a goddamn terrific book!”

—Thomas Lux

“Sweet—or sharp—tempered comedy empowers Svoboda to address the direst subjects in a prophetic and scary book full of hilarious noises.”

—Caroline Knox, author of Quaker Guns

“Svoboda is an indefatigably American writer of conscience and acuity—a documentarian and saboteur, satirist and sharp-tongued citizen, her poems dangerous and heartbreaking.”

—Maureen Seaton



Weapons Grade, Terese Svoboda's fifth collection of poetry, concerns the power of occupation—political and personal—that often plays with sestina, sonnet, and couplets, as if only form can contain the fury of an occupation. There's also elegy and lullaby and seduction but, in the words of the sixties tune "Wooly Bully," the reader must "Watch it now, watch it."


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